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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

Homeroom 7:55-8:02

Period 1: 8:06-8:53 Biology

Period 2:  8:57-9:44 A&P

Period 3:  9:48-10:36 Biology

Period 4:  10:39-11:26 Eighth Grade Science


Period 5:  12:00-12:47 Seventh Grade Science

Period 6:  12:51-1:38 Eighth Grade Enrichment

Period 7:  1:42-2:29 Forensic Science

Period 8:  2:33-3:20 Conference

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E-Note Notification Center

Beth Gandy

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Weekly To Do

Each week your student will be given an assignment we will call the Weekly To Do.  They will usually receive this assignment on Monday and will be expected to hand this assignment in on Friday unless it is a holiday.  If your student is leaving early for an athletic event and an assignment is due, the assignment is expected to be handed in prior to leaving for the event.

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