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Randy Newby

2018-2019 Course Summary:
Art: The 8th and 11th grade art courses focus on understanding the art elements and the exploration of traditional art skills. These skills include drawing, sketching, perspective, paper crafting, painting, papier mache’, print block making, & clay sculpture along with a study of various cultural artistic events and general art history.

Technology Applications: The 7th grade class uses this time to address typing in a self paced environment. The course also focuses on the development of skills in both the Google Applications environment and in the Microsoft Office Suite. This course has the primary goal of developing the skills and critical thinking skills to guide students through the next 5 years of their education.

Business Information Management 1: This class learns about business principles, management, marketing and finance. We also add coursework in accounting, database usage, desktop publishing and a more advanced skill set in both the Google Applications and Microsoft Office Suite. This course also integrates workforce development, the proper methods of job application and the interview process. Business Information Management 2 delves deeper into workplace management, database construction and managerial skills. 

Yearbook: This elective course is used to build, edit and generate the school’s annual yearbook, “The Elk” which arrives the following school year.

Elementary Music: The Kindergarten, First & Second Graders will learn about the fun of music, singing, styles and affects while singing, moving and exploring on a rotating three week schedule.


Randy Newby

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