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Glenn Boerger

I am in my 23rd year teaching and coaching and 2nd at Evant.  I am teaching JH social studies and JH leadership classes.  I am assisting with our girls volleyball, basketball and track.
Class Schedule
8:00-8:49  1st period - 7th grade leadership
8:53-9:03  homeroom - 6th grade
9:03-9:52 2nd period - 6th grade world cultures
9:56-10:45 3rd period - conference
10:49-11:38 4th period - 7th grade Texas history
11:42-12:31  5th period - HS girls athletics
12:31-1:01 Lunch
1:05-1:54 - 6th period  8th grade US History
1:58-2:47 7th period - 6th grade leadership
2:51-3:40  8th period - JH girls athletics