Mr. Randy Newby » Mr. Randy Newby; Technology Director

Mr. Randy Newby; Technology Director

Mr. Newby is the Technology Director for Evant ISD. He teaches Junior High Technology Applications for grades 6 and 8, High School Art, and Business Information Management classes. All of these classes are among the Career and Technology Education (CTE) plan, except for Art.
Mr. Newby has worked at Evant ISD since 2009 and has been a teacher since 2001. He is certified to teach:
  • Business Management, Secondary
  • Music, All Level
  • ESL, All Level
  • Art, Secondary
Mr. Newby is also the district website manager and a route bus driver. He is married to his wife Andrea, and the father of four.
His conference is 12pm daily; Monday-Friday
Class Schedule:
1st Period: Technology Director
2nd Period: Technology Director
3rd Period: Technology Applications; 6th Grade
4th Period: 
Lunch/Conference: 12pm
6th Period: Art
7th Period: Business Information Management
8th Period: Technology Director